Black Hills Pine Beetle Walking Stick

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  • Black Hills Pine Beetle Walking Stick
  • From artist Roger Kurtenbach: “Over ten million ponderosa pines have been killed by the mountain pine beetle infesting the Black Hills. The gift shop at Mount Rushmore is raising awareness of the threat that the pine beetle poses by offering the ‘Authentic Black Hills Pine Beetle Walking Stick.’ Made from deadfall ponderosa pines, the lightly colored wood is often laced with the characteristic ‘blue’ streaks that mark it as a pine beetle-felled tree. Each hiking stick is hand carved and engraved with 'Mount Rushmore National Memorial.' Included on a hang-tag is information on how to help in the fight against these devastating insects.”
  • How they are made (Kurtenbach): "The rough cut stick is evaluated for proper length, weight, diameter, feel and appearance to make a high quality walking stick. The outer and inner bark is stripped. Branches are trimmed back to aid in removal of bark and ease later sanding. The sticks are then slowly air dried. When appropriately dry, rough sanding and further trimming is done. As a final touch, the custom mountain top design is cut into the top. The custom design or logo is transferred onto the stick. The design is then skillfully hand burned into the stick using a 950 degree wood burning tip. The sticks are then finish sanded and sealed with linseed oil."
  • Each stick is hand-crafted and therefore unique. Height/shape/coloration varies. Average height about 4 ft (or roughly 120 cm).
  • For more information on the mountain pine beetle: